Dealer Global

About us

We are the top clearing agent to offer you the variety of solutions in Nigeria whether it is of airport services, container clearance or the car auction services.

What do we offer?

We are simply here to facilitate you with the satisfactory experience of logistics service, including fast and quality delivery. We try our best to ensure the flexible as well as professional working experience to make the customers loyal and satisfied. Our best quality services and high reputation is the result of the company’s dedication and efficient operations.

Who we are?

Dealer Global – the logistics company serves you with a variety of services including airport services, container services and even the car auction services. We ensure the quality result by combining the efficiency and reliability of our work. With the global reputation and immediate customer service, our services keep the pace towards success.

Our Vision

As, the best clearing agent or serve the customers with a variety of services, we like to treat our customers and clients with valued services. Being a varied service company, our vision is to serve the industry is the best possible way in the next two years.

Our Mission

  • To achieve global recognition for our best clearing service and car auction services and to sustain the highly impressive customer services.

  • To provide the sum up package of the services including the airport services, container services, and car auction services.

  • To try our best for delivering high-quality services to impress the customers.

  • To enhance customers’ experience by improving the logistics solution
    from time to time.

Dealer Global Mission


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