We are the local company that serves customers or clients in multiple aspects by covering the airport services, container clearance services and car auction services.

It’s in Nigeria, located in Address: 19 ITAPEJU APAPA.

We have an official email address to reach us or we also have a phone number to contact us at any time. You can visit us at our official website https://www.dealerglobals.com

Yes, we have a landline number on which you can get in touch at any time. Here it is:

We are available on 5 working days to serve you in the best possible way. We are working from Mon-Fri. Our timings are from 8 am to 6 pm.or sometimes on Saturday.

We basically target three basic services with different dimensions including the airport services, container services, and car auction services.

We help people to clear all their goods or products, especially from Nigeria airport. We can deliver the cargo to any station or airport destination under specialized vehicles.

We are basically providing customized services for valuable clients based on their requirements, helps to clean the container from the airport.

Dealer global have multiple auction platforms for clients or customers to avail of the purchasing opportunity of cars.

We are dealing with high-quality business partners globally and target the United States and Canada as official partners for a car auction.

We ensure high-quality services with the facility of security and safety services. so, yes, this is our specialty.

We serve customers at affordable or reasonable prices so that everyone can avail of their services.

No, not so. It totally depends on the car model or its specifications.

Probably, it takes two maximum days if it car,4 days for container and few hours for airport clearance.

Yes, definitely. Your satisfaction is a priority for us. You can ensure the quality of care by certification and reliable contracts.

You can send your money via your account only. Because of the fraud and privacy issues, the amount from a personal account is only acceptable.

You need to give 50% down payment for container clearance 0% down payment for car clearance.

All you need is just to register yourself and get yourself involved in the auction.